Danpae Jewelry is not about...

how beautiful jewelry is...

But, it is all about...

How special YOU look when you wear them.


The mysterious power that brings your inner and outer beauty out is now available for you! When you choose for Danpae Jewelry, you choose to emphasize your character and determine your identity.


This vigor of Danpae handmade jewelry just defines who you are! Danpae jewelry is made with love and passion and refined craftsmanship with an origin of ancient heritage. Tradition and modernity come together in this uniquely designed handmade jewelry. Just mix and match!

  • Natural beauty accentuated
  • Feeling better and at ease…
  • Charisma that shines!

And this is me, Kate Danpae. A passionate Jewelry Art, Fashion Stylist and Designer. Owner and founder at Danpae Jewelry. Kate danpae is the owner and founder of Danpae Jewelry

I’ve put together the Danpae jewelry line and work only with top level Jewelry Artists. I believe that every lady is a creator of beauty, you are the one who deserve the most exclusive in the world. I want to support you, and I’ll make sure when you wear Danpae Jewelry your Charisma will Shine!

“A Type of beauty that takes your breath away. “

” A type of beauty that makes you stop for a while.”

” A type of beauty that inspired your creativeness.

” A type of beauty base on fundamental of nature.”

” The type of beauty that accentuate your natural beauty.”

Here I am ” Danpae jewelry”

Don’t simply believe me rather than the experience itself.

Feedback from our clients:

|| If us, ladies, are flowers, then Kate, your jewelry is the water and sun that we need to bloom and blossom!||


|| Earrings arrived in perfect condition! Even more beautiful then I expected. Thanks so much for your quick service and hope to meet you in amsterdam in the very near future! ||

Bye, bye, Gabrielle

||It is really beautyful, even more than on the pictures you send I'm looking forward to wear it and show it!||

Warm regards Henriette

||I was wearing my Danpae piece yesterday and had SO many compliments! Thank you for your creative mind and hands!||


What kind of materials do you use?

Danpae Jewelry is handmade design in brass and decorated with different natural materials such as; crystals and semi precious gemstone. They are attractively priced, unique; timeless and good quality.

Do you ship outside Europe?

Yes we do!

Shipping costs:
  • Netherlands FREE!
  • EU €10 – Above €65 FREE
  • Outside EU €25 – Above €150 FREE
Do you also provide jewelry parties?
Yes, if you want to celebrate a special occasion or just wish to have a great evening with your friends than yes we do! Want to know how it works? Feel free to contact us.

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