1. Frame your face with earrings
  2. Accessorize with a necklace
  3. Play around with colorful jewelry
  4. Black gorgeous
  5. Urbanity on your wrist
  6. Add crystals cherished on your expression

1. Frame your face with earrings

Earrings have a big alter on your look. Yes! Your eyes can appear more blue, green or even more vibrant because of them. These precious pieces help manifest
compliments and youthful look. They have ability to draw attention to your face and enhance your fascination qualities.

Danpae - Natural Model (1)

2. Accessorize with necklaces

A fantastical unique necklace created by enchanted natural stone setting. Inspired by the fairy tale dreaming as they bring to life of your joy and uniqueness identity. Wear them with pride and fun, everything will look good on you with confidence and a smile on your face.

Danpae - Natural Model

Danpae-Handmade Art Necklace

3. Play around with colorful jewelry

It is all about Enjoyment and Adventurous!
Embroidered statement jewelry with antithesis color details give you a taste of appreciation, excitement and effeminate. Choose one or 2 pieces  that complement your skin shade or your lipstick color or your eye color. You can also mix and fit your jewelry with your outfits. After that you will see miracles start to take place.

Danpae - Natural Model 2

Danpae - Natural Model 1

4. Black gorgeous

I love black clothes. Black dress can make you look elegant, diva and chic. On the contrary, you can look very boring and sad with black.
What You can do is to add an interest with colorful jewelry. It becomes more dressy and flattering fashion and all the wow effect will occur on your adorable face.

5. Urbanity on your wrist

Bracelets and bangles can be alluring, romantic, or enchanting. They’re all about adding extra Wow! And they can narrate a lot about your vogue personality.

Danpae - Natural Model (4)

6. Add crystals cherished on your expression

Champagne golden orange color is an invitation of luxurious life and charming fascination.
When this sparkling joy applies to jewelry it makes you appear more precious and seductive.

Kate Danpae - Founder of Danpae Handmade Art Jewelry

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