When you want to enhance your clothes by wearing adorable pieces of jewelry or the opposite way. Do you ever try to fix it out which color you should wear to match them? I have an answer for you. For instance, you are wearing leopard light brown yellow open jacket today you want to put extra eye catchers and the unique looks on you.Your best selection would be to pick jewelry and accessories from the deep sea mediterranean family. Light brown and deep blue is Supplement colors. As the picture of our lovely and cheerful lady below.

Danpae-Handmade-Jewelry-Natural-Model 24

Red vs Black

This wonderful lady she wears A black trench cloth and the femininity red necklace.They are a powerful contrast and It represents the sexiness of a woman.The perfection of the match is confirmed When she wear this necklace on.I just have one word for her ” Wow”

Danpae-Handmade-Jewelry-Natural-Model 22

Blue Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise and your sweetness

I  love the combination of these luxurious classic jewelries on her. She already had a natural beauty, but the color of the blue lapis lazuli and blue turquoise of the earrings make her face looks sweeter and glow.Her colorful heritage design necklace on the gray sweater combined with a black jacket is a perfect compliment! Unsurprisingly, why she looks so charismatic and attractive!!

Danpae-Handmade-Jewelry-Natural-Model 15
Danpae-Handmade-Jewelry-Natural-Model 19

Contrast color

You can check the contrast color from a color circular diagram below that are directly on the other side of each other.You can begin to mix and match a color of your clothes and you jewelry.Imagine how great it is to wear your gorgeous dress and colorful jewelry together with excitement and confidence.

Please send me photos of you with Danpae Jewelry I can’t wait to see how you match them with your clothes!
It will be fun from now on ladies!

And please, feel free to leave your comment  (Nederlands or English)    😉


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