1.Wear handmade idea flower designed jewelry.It will lift up the sweetness on your face and give you such a feeling of joy and pleasure as
you are in the tropical forest.
Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 4

2.Wear an exotic colored Blue Hawaiian necklace or earrings to bring ocean treasures on your natural beauty.
Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 2

3. Wear pearls to remind your special  happy memories of the cheerful day on the beach.Wear black pearls to remind you of Tahiti  Atmosphere  or white pearls to remember white sandy beach of Andamansea.

Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 6

4. Wear fancy and feminine, romantic pink handmade jewelry.It gives you a feeling of kindness, warmth, sweetness, loving, and happiness.It seems like your are surrounded by Hawaii gardens.

Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 7
5. Wear big statement handmade jewelry in order to be confident of your own beauty. It reflects your individuality and personality. Surprisingly It makes you feel powerful and delighted as if you bring sunshine everywhere you go.
Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 5

6. Wear Artisan handmade  jewelry.It represents earthy, richness, cultures and ethnic. One experiences art and creativity, honour and gratitude, uniqueness as who you are.

Danpae Jewelry - Natural model 1
In Love with one of my jewelry?  Discover if we still have it available at danpae.com If it’s sold out in my webshop please feel free to email me at danpaejewelry@gmail.com (It takes 3-4 weeks to make a new piece specially for you)

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